jan 9 2011
New Year. New beginnings.

Ready for college to start back again (something Id thought I will never say). he old saying is true: If you dont use it you will lose it...and in this case my mind is getting numbf from not doing anything at all for the past couple of days.


And also, Really digging this song right now. Give it a listen. :)

Writer's Block: Workin' for a livin'
What would you consider the worst job in the world, and why?

A job in which you dread to go to every morning.

christmas shopping?
I dont see why people stress over what to get that "someone" for christmas. I mean seriously, It is not that serious. Just remember the best Christmas gift can not be put in a box :). I often hear people ask what I want for christmas and I would respond "I want an end to world hunger and I want world peace". That usually gives them A hint that I dont really want anything from them. I think you being able to put up with me is a gift already. Not saying that Im that awful of a person though. Well just a couple days until christmas, be safe be kind and you(whoever might be reading this XD) will receive the same.

Lunar eclipse tomorrow!!! Dont miss it :)

just thought I'd post here to inform who ever might be reading this of it. Also I have been thinking about getting a tattoo too. Although im not sure where to get it at just yet. comments would be appreciated :)

Writer's Block: Overnight it!
When do you get your holiday shopping done? Weeks before or last minute?

shopping? wtf is that?

Semester is now over :) and a really late posting
Well I am now finished with my first semester here. Have to say the school is pretty cool so far. Guess the spring semster is going to be the challenge as I have to take chemistry and i sucked at chemistry in high school would be an understatement XD. Made a couple new friends here so cant complain...although living with your parents again feels funny. MY philosophy teacher required to read a book called "A new earth: awakening to your life's purpose" By Eckhart tolle. It's a really good book which discusses about the human ego and How it controls the past,present,and future. I highly recommend it. :)
Well...thats all for now...or all that i feel like typing. :)

Dec 2 2010
Almost the end of the semester at school. Im so happy about it because i am ready for winter break just got to get through all of the finals i have then im good to go.  wonder if anyone is reading the crap i post. I like to type in a way that is incoherent and distorted. Here I am, up at 3 in the morening on a school night because i took a 5 hour nap not too long ago. gotta stop doing that and get my regular sleep pattern back. Took a yoga class today for the first time. Its was very relaxing and the whole class was like one long stretching routine with a moment of "Nap time" at the end lol. Might do it again eventually...well thats all for tonight, you(if anyone) are gonna have to check back in with me if you want more stories :3
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Writer's Block: Wintertime is here
Dislike the cold weather but it should be a crime to feel this good :)

Sunday after thanksgiving

well thanksgiving with the family has been really fun. this is my first post on this site and i already know that the ad thing is gonna be a b1t(h lol. So im am guess people could subscribe on here, dont think anyone would subscribe to this though. been wrapped up in thought lately. wondering what to do with my life. me, like millions of other people, just want to have a good job which pays alot and have a family. lol can this really be that well anyway? I mean if everyone wants it, what makes it so special. So happy that this semester is about to be over...although i have been dicking around since entering college anyway and now im some credit hours behind. What really makes me nervous is med school. thats where i plan to go after college..althpough my gpa sucks right now to say the least.. oh well gonna have to try harder to attatin a goal which everyone else is trying to attain and feel special about it :)...not to sound emo or anything XD.
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